We strive to empower the future generation of creatives, entertainers, marketers, athletes, and thought leaders while also encompassing a heightened ethical compass.

Our DNA breathes excellence.
Our DNA breathes excellence.
Our DNA breathes excellence.
Our DNA breathes excellence.


Position brands for success

By partnering with Odagan, we essentially become your in-house content studio with capabilities of leveraging our Celebrity and Influencer division, our marketing and advertising divisions, and technology.

Reduce wait time.

Start reviewing takes without waiting hours for files to copy or days for hard drives to ship.

Start post sooner.

Each take from the set appears in the editor’s software in seconds. It’s like magic.

View from anyplace.

Log in from anywhere and start viewing on your phone, tablet, browser, or Apple TV.


Celebrity Partnerships

We role with the best to produce high quality results.

Bringing the story to life.

Client Stories

The essence of wellbeing

Credibility in the wellness space is key for success! To reach an audience we created a series featuring artist, athletes and influencers as they share their journey to mindfulness.


Noel Ashman



Dina Marto


Miri Ben-Ari

Jerry Wonda

Angela Hunte

Pierre Garcon


Angel + Dren

Client Stories

Tradition merges into digital Art

Art comes alive as we launch Dreadheads NFT with a unique product birthed from a peace of art curated by a consortium of creatives.

We valorize storytelling as a canvas for building organic brand loyalty.

Create memorable stories
Captivating stories resonates with audiences and become ingrained in their memory, which creates a lasting impression.
Envoke emotional Links
Powerful stories evoke emotions that create a pure connection with people; when a brand aligns well with an audience's values, beliefs, or aspirations, it creates a strong emotional bond.
Content that build trust
DNA of a brand that values its mission, and is transparent about its values, and actions, creates a sense of authenticity that resonates with consumers.
Content that inspires
When people are inspired to take action, they sometimes take the initiative to push a new product, share a message, or support a cause.
Key audience metric
We help brands understand their audience's needs, wants, and values to create stories that drive results.
Authentic and Credibility
Brands can leverage celebrities and influencers to maximize appeal and commitment to their audience. Brands should be authentic in their storytelling, sharing stories that reflect their values, mission, and actions.
Consistency creates engagement
Consistency is key, and keeping the narrative across all channels builds opportunities for their audience to engage wherever they pop up.